Caucasian Selected Breeder Queen


Caucasian Selected Breeder Queen (apis mellifera caucasica)

Suitable for queen production.
Each year we select a very limited number of Caucasian breeding queens.
They are 2 years old artificially inseminated queens, already having a tested group of doters which makes them excellent for new breeding combinations.

We have a very limited number of Caucasian Breeder Queens, so pre-order is required.

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Caucasian Bees characteristics:
  • low tendency to swarming
  • raising strong colonies, but later than the other races.
  • overwinters well
  • they fly earlier and in cooler conditions
  • they are gentle
  • low tendency to rob honey
  • very great user of propolis
  • endowed with the longest tongue and take advantage of the nectar sources inaccessible to other races.

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