Apis Donau –  1905 !

Who are we?

We are Apis Donau, a team of six bee lovers that bring forward with pride a tradition no less older than four generations.
The experience gathered during all this time, where we can add our often trips to professionals apiarys outside of Romania help us trustly manage a beekeeping farm created our of more apiarys located along the Danube and Olt river.

What we do ?

The main branch of our activity is represented by our production of honey, pollen, propolis, etc…, while the breeding and selection of the queens comes as a necessity of this industry. We manage as well a considerable large number of mating nucs which helps us in our queen breeding programs every season.
To be able to keep and improve the genetic material we own, next to our isolated matings, we also make artificial insemination with an important role in obtaining reproduction queen breeders with extraordinary characteristics.

What we want ?

We are always open to making new friends and also we are open and receptive to any initiative on beekeeping themes.