Apis Donau – 1905

The main branch of our activity was always the production of: honey, pollen, propolis, wax, while the breeding and selection of queen bees came as a necessity of this entire industry.

During this process, we noticed the undeniable importance of the quality of genetic material we use.

We keep most of the bee breeds and, no matter if we talk about Buckfast, Carnica, Caucasian, Ligustica (Italian)  or Carpathian, we are always looking to improve the quality.

Buckfast Queens

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Caucasian Queens

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Carnica Queens

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Carpathian Queens

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Italian Queens

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Youtube Chanel

video raising queen Apis Donau
video feeding bees with proteine Apis Donau
video buckfast drone Apis Donau
video inseminated buckfast queen Apis Donau

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