Buckfast Queens mated with Buckfast drones (in isolated area)


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Buckfast Queens mated with Buckfast drones in isolated area (Apis Mellifera Buckfast)

Suitable for honey and pollen production also for queen production.
Available from May to October.
We have a limited number of Buckfast Queens, so pre-order is required.
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Buckfast bees characteristics:
  • good development in spring
  • extremely gentle
  • overwinters well and uses less honey stores during winter than other races
  • they are well adapted to areas with cold winters
  • the lowest swarm instinct
  • very hygienic and resistance to disease
  • boundless capacity for foraging work
  • queen reduces the laying in the autumn

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(Apis Mellifera Buckfast)

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm

11 reviews for Buckfast Queens mated with Buckfast drones (in isolated area)

  1. Dominic Hodgson (verified owner)

    Supper fast shipping, about 18 hours… also good quality queens…

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hello Dominic, thank you for letting us know the queens arrived well and can’t wait to supply you with new queens.

  2. hayden Iqbal (verified owner)

    super fast communication on WhatsApp also fast delivery. Queens accepted 80%. everything looks good until now and big chances to have me as a future buyer. Thanks, Hayden

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hi Hayden, thank you for your feedback also for the picture. The queen looks great.

  3. Alfie Kaur (verified owner)

    I received the package next day. the queens are in great shape, now I wait for their results and come back with news, until then I give 5 stars.

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Thank you Alfie for the stars, we wait for your new info about the development of our material. We are here to supply you whenever you need quality queens.

  4. Jay Higgins (verified owner)

    Good job guys, queens arrived in perfect condition

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hi Jay, thanks for your new feedback, great to hear the queens arrived well.

  5. Robert Turberville (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the queens that I ordered; readily accepted by 95% my nucs all of them up and laying well. Thanks will be ordering more in 2021!

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hello Robert and thank you for your 5 stars rating!
      We are happy to hear about the good acceptance of our Buckfast queens.
      We will do our best to supply you with excellent queens next year also.

  6. niki_nikolov1969 (verified owner)

    The queen bees were given to aggressive hives, accepted without betting queens, this speaks of high quality, grade 5+

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Thank you Niki for your feedback in our Buckfast queen. Please let us know about their future development, also wait you with new orders.

  7. Fabijan Jakubek (verified owner)

    The queen is great
    Amazing in features. First of all, I notice her calmness. Since I am just studying her and I realize that the Queen of Buckfast is completely different from the Queen of Carniola with whom we have been working for many years. It is still a big enigma for me … I am waiting for the next year to start a new action.

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hello Fabijan, thank you for such an detailed review and for your appreciation in our Buckfast queens.
      Next season we will be ready again to supply you with great material. Have a good wintering!

  8. betubeezzz (verified owner)

    Very good queens, the hives are developing very quickly. For now i am very satisfied. Shipping is also great but a little more communication would be nice.

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hello and thank you for your feedback.
      We are happy to hear the bees have a good development and we promise next season when you will be ordering again we will be more responsive in your demands.

  9. Wojciech Runo (verified owner)

    all good, very good queen,and fast delivery.
    I will come back for shopping at next season.

    • Apis Donau Editor (verified owner)

      Hi Runo, thank you for the positive feedback. We are always here to supply you with great queens.

  10. Stein (verified owner)

    Great Queens. Bought 2 fairly late in the season, but they did a perfect job catching up for winter. I will order again next season!

  11. Gary Leech (verified owner)

    Great Queens, reasonable price, quiet and productive, will be buying again.

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