Overwintered Buckfast Queens mated with Buckfast drones (in isolated area)

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Overwintered Buckfast Queens mated with Buckfast drones in isolated area (Apis Mellifera Buckfast)
The great benefit of these queen bees is that they have confirmed the overwintering ability of their bees.
As the overwintered queen bee is a mature queen, it will be easily accepted in the new colony.
We keep them in 6 frame hives and are ready for delivery as soon as the temperature permits transportation.
Suitable for honey and pollen production also for queen production.
We have a limited number of Buckfast Queens, so pre-order is required.
Click here to see how we manage the controlled mating of Buckfast Queen Bees

Do not orphan the colonies until you receive the shipping tracking number!
Sometimes the weather conditions do not allow the harvest and shipment of queens!

In case a queen dies during the shipping, please send us a clear photo and it be will replaced along with your next order.

For each different delivery date, please place a new order!

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