Overwintered Italian (Ligustica) Queens Naturally Mated


Overwintered Italian Queens (Ligustica ) naturally mated. (Apis Mellifera Ligustica)

Suitable for honey and pollen production.
The great benefit of these queen bees is that they have confirmed the overwintering ability of their bees.
As the overwintered queen bee is a mature queen, it will be easily accepted in the new colony.
We keep them in 6 frame hives and are ready for delivery as soon as the temperature permits transportation.
We have a limited number of Italian (Ligustica) Queens, so pre-order is required.

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Ligustica or Italian Bees characteristics:
  • early spring development
  • very good honey yield
  • raising big colonies
  • gentleness
  • low tendency to swarming
  • more prone to drifting and robbing
  • build combs fast
  • minimal use of propolis
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