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Caucasian Selected Breeder Queen


Caucasian Selected Breeder Queen (apis mellifera caucasica)
Suitable for queen production.
Each year we select a very limited number of Caucasian breeding queens.
They are 2 years old artificially inseminated queens, already having a tested group of doters which makes them excellent for new breeding combinations.
We have a very limited number of Caucasian Breeder Queens, so pre-order is required.
Click here to see how to introduce a queen bee from a different race in a colony

Do not orphan the colonies until you receive the shipping tracking number!
Sometimes the weather conditions do not allow the harvest and shipment of queens!

In case a queen dies during the shipping, please send us a clear photo and it be will replaced along with your next order.

For each different delivery date, please place a new order!

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